Soviet bunker in Moldova

Spring 2017 was so disturbed that I still keep my coat nearby in the fear of the cold. March was getting warm, April was giving hope for great weather until the snow fell and destroyed many trees and now May is playing around with +25 one day, and +15 with rain the next day. Google…

The best weekend of May

Here we are. It is  almost the end of Spring, and everything is so excited. But more excited is the fact that I grabbed my ass after 4 months and found my way to Cimislia, to my parents, to my cats and to my childhood place. This is how I spend Easter Holidays.

Odessa Through Nexus5 Lens

April is beautiful and warm. It is very sad to stay home on the weekend with +27 C outside. A spontaneous idea occurred to us on a late Saturday evening, to go to the seaside. The closest one being around 3 hours away, in Odessa, Ukraine. We really love our spontaneity.

The first Sunday of April

What a day! Everything started with the sun rising up in the morning. Today people from Moldova have enjoyed sunshine, trees in blossom and a clean, blue sky. Besides cars engine and people talking there was a sound that I have missed so much which is the birds’ chirping. I used to live near the…